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Ciprian Honey Cathedral

13x9 inches 18 pages 19 b/w prints

1 b/w film transparency mounted to paper 1 silver gelatin print, loose.

edition of 40 books

Ciprian Honey Cathedral is printed carbon inkjet on repurposed book paper.  The photographs were made this summer during an exhaustive process of moving and relocating to a new home, accounting for the combined household belongings and possessions between my partner and her two daughters; the things we choose to carry forward and questioning the construct and meaning of “home”.  Like many of the earlier projects I began and while in development, Ciprian Honey Cathedral is intended as a first chapter of an ongoing, long-term project.

The books elliptical title was first observed on the backside of an abandoned dresser which served as a backdrop for a series of “domestic sculptures” with objects found near a vacated home in rural Upstate, New York.