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artist book & silver gelatin print

edition of 20

12.5 x 9 inches

silver gelatin printed to 11x14 inch sheet

eight pages, b/w reproductions on repurposed book paper

(carbon pigment inkjet, spot varnished),

transparency film and silver gelatin paper. 

Within walking distance of my front porch in the small town where I’ve lived this past year, veins of narrow sloughs spill into the larger Catskill Creek.  Just below a confluence, a bridge spans the creek and steep, terraced waterfall that drops sixty feet over a wall of moss covered limestone. It’s not difficult to imagine such an idyllic setting as the inspired source for Thomas Cole(American) or other Hudson River School painters in their depiction of “America’s Eden”. Above the falls, a deciduous forest--diverse as it is timeless--shades all but the lower pond.  It’s like heaven on a table.  Teens and young adults gather at a series of rock and concrete “stages”, remnants of an old stone bridge. Most take running starts before launching their pale bodies over cliff edges--their arms stretch wide for flight--falling like wet leaves,

Standing near the forests edge, all of my senses tune-in to memory and recall a summer thirty years ago when there seemed an eternity at my feet.   I did finally make the giant leap on what felt like the last day of this summer, arms wind-milling wildly to keep my body from flailing sideways.  I broke the surface in an uncontrolled dissent that might best be characterized as “primitive”.  the bruises on my arms and back, put me in touch with each of my fifty-plus years.  how long has it been since I’ve felt such sudden release in the body—the near-orgasmic liberation from fear--an absence of days...seated in the deep time of nature.

Patrons can choose from one of three 11x14 in. silver gelatin prints, toned in selenium.  The artist book is printed with carbon pigment inks to repurposed book paper with spot varnish applied to the prints.  Additionally, some prints are made to transparency material and tipped-in, throughout.  A unique, object-quality is present by the varied use of materials and hand-work.  The initial offering price of $475 (book + print) is available for the first week and to patrons only. The edition size is limited to 20. I’m also anticipating a second offering to take place in two months, with a new series of prints and a book/broadside to reflect and celebrate the new work which was empowered by this fundraising.  As a gesture of appreciation, a significant discount will be offered, should you decide to acquire works from both offerings.  I’ll also be sending smaller pieces and samplings of work along the way, as a means of engaging directly and sharing works and process. 

Silver gelatin print options 1, 2 & 3: