A series of broadsides that invoke ritual and happenstance by way of chemical erasure, abstract marking and text.  The reductive post-process of bleaching an image exposed to silver halide transparency film, introduces elements of chance and recovery.  I’m using this, in part, as a means of liberating the human figures from the gravity and weighted shadows that form the backdrop throughout the book, Halfstory Halflife.  This “erasure” project also allows a final opportunity to interact with the body of work I made at Furlong from 2014-2018, before closing this chapter.  

Film transparencies are analog process in traditional darkroom chemistry. After final wash, the transparency undergoes a reductive process, erasing layers of silver halide by way of chemical bleaching. This process introduces chance elements of happenstance and recovery, yielding to less predictable interactions between material and chemistry which inform the final image.